Massage at the Workplace


On-site massage has been proven to reduce stress and optimize employee performance

Avoid overload, help keep your employees in the zone…

A certain amount of stress is good, it even enhances performance. But once you cross the line into stress overload, employee performance plummets. It has been proven that a 15-minute chair massage, twice a week for five weeks, resulted in math performance levels that were twice as fast with half the errors. Participants also reported feeling more energetic and alert. Try on-site massage today. Your employees will feel great and be more productive - and you’ll be the one they thank!


On-site massage brings the benefits of massage into your workplace:

  • The workplace is one of the fastest growing locations where people
  • receive massage
  • Massage is conducted in a specially-designed massage chair that allows efficient access to back, shoulders, arms and neck
  • For convenience, employees remain fully clothed
  • Specialized massage techniques deliver maximum benefits in a short amount of time, typically 15-30 minutes