Golf Flexibility Therapy

Exercise alone may not deliver the flexibility you need

“Tour players have 50-100% more flexibility in their torso than average golfers...that’s why a golf lesson only goes so far. Without proper flexibility, there are some moves a golfer simply can’t make.”

Roger Fredricks                                                                                                            Flexibility Trainer for Arnold Palmer

Golf Flexibility Therapy is an integrated program designed to improve flexibility through a combination of sports massage therapy and stretching exercises.The resulting increase in flexibility allows the development of an optimal golf swing while also reducing the risk of injury.

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How does massage therapy help?

Exercise and stretching alone may not effectively resolve myofascial restrictions. These are the knots and tight bands you feel in your muscles which limit their flexibility potential. In Golf Flexibility Therapy, sports massage therapy is utilized to identify and release myofascial restrictions. Sports massage also includes specialized stretches that help create an opportunity for increased muscle flexibility..

How does this program work?

First, a flexibility assessment is used to determine your current level of flexibility. Then a customized flexibility program is developed. You will have a weekly massage therapy session, along with a self-stretching program that takes 15-20 minutes a day to do at home.

How fast will I see results?

Your biggest gains will occur in the first four to six weeks of Golf Flexibility Therapy. After six weeks, you are encouraged to begin working with your golf pro to improve your swing skills. Once the base of improved flexibility is attained, your golf lessons will produce better results.