What is the first visit like?

The first visit includes several phases.

Phase I – Information gathering

Bill will take a medical history and inquire about what you wish to accomplish with your massage session. As a result of that process, goals will be agreed upon for the massage session, such as relaxation, improved flexibility, injury treament, etc.

Phase II – Pre-massage orientation

Bill will bring you into the massage room and show you the area where you can put your personal items, such as coat, purse, clothing, etc. Then he will review how you will be positioned on the massage table (head at one end, face up or down, and explain how you will be draped with sheets). Options of what you may wear will be explained and left for you to decide what will be most comfortable for you. (See “What should I wear?” question below.) Bill will not proceed to the massage until he makes sure you are comfortable about the massage and that he has addressed all of your questions and concerns.

Phase III – The Massage Session

This is the part of the visit that you will want to last for a long time! With just the right touch and a relaxed pace, Bill will provide the massage techniques that are designed to  achieve your goals for the session. He will periodically inquire to make sure the pressure and all other aspects of the session are to your satisfaction.

Phase IV – Post-Massage Followup

Once you have taken your time and gotten dressed, Bill will share his impressions of what he may have observed during the massage session (muscle tightness, etc.) and inquire about your experience during the massage. Follow-up appointments are usually made at this time as well.


What should I wear?

Most important of all…please note that regardless of what you wear or do not wear during a massage session, you will always be properly draped between clean, fresh sheets. All massage sessions are rated G!

Bill wants you to be comfortable during the massage session and can easily adapt to people remaining dressed or getting undressed. Bill encourages you to wear (or not to wear) whatever is comfortable and allows you to move easily. Most people remain partially dressed and wear items such as their underwear, a bathing suit, running shorts, workout clothing, etc.


Is Massage Therapy Covered by health insurance?

When performed by a licensed massage Therapist, Massage Therapy may be covered by your insurance when prescribed by a physician. You should check with your insurance carrier.


How are Massage Therapists credentialed?

Massage Therapists in Ohio are required to be licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. Licensed Massage Therapists adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. When you choose a therapist, you should ask about licensure, or look for the designation “LMT” behind the name of your therapist. Many Massage Therapists are members of a professional organization such as the American Massage Therapy Association. When your Massage Therapist holds membership in such an organization, you can be assured he/she has made a commitment to quality of care, professional standards and continuing education.


How much does it cost?

1 ¼ hour session           $75
1 hour session               $60
½ hour session              $35

State sales tax will be charged unless the client has a note or prescription for massage therapy from a doctor, dentist or chiropractor.