Class Schedule

No new classes have been scheduled for this year... Yet. This old instructor has turned into a student again and I am really enjoying it! I have been on a textbook reading and continuing education kick. My intention is to translate emerging functional movement concepts, postural and breathing dynamics, and fascial therapy etc. and incorporate them into new skills and strategies that you can use to improve the outcomes with your clients. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile if someone is interested in one of my existing workshops, let me know and I will post this on the website. As other readers encounter this and show interest we can certainly create an on-demand workshop anytime with a small group of eight people or so who show interest in a workshop in a certain area.

Questions, comments, contact me here. You may also signup for event news and updates (at the bottom of any page) to be notified as soon as new classes are scheduled.

As always, I appreciate your interest in the educational services that I provide.