Positional Release Therapy

Earn 12 CEUs

Discovered by an Osteopathic Physician, refined by Physical Therapists.

Now offered to Massage Therapists who strive for clinical excellence.

  • Passive positioning
  • Spontaneous release
  • Incredible therapy

Positional Release Therapy treats musculoskeletal dysfunction in a very unique way. The area of dysfunction as defined by a tender point/trigger point, is shortened and taken into a position of ease. Also referred to as “Dynamic Neutral” the position of ease allows the body’s nervous system and fascial network to naturally come back into balance. After a short amount of rest in that position, your clients will be amazed to discover that their pain and tension has been resolved.

Why Positional Release Therapy?

  • Positional Release Therapy takes little effort on the part of the massage therapist.
  • You do not impart your will on the body, rather you listen and respond to the cues the body gives as it guides you to bring it into a position of balance.
  • A treatment solution for:
    • Clients with strains, sprains, tendinitis
    • Chronic pain clients
    • Injured athletes
    • Geriatric clients
    • Hospitalized patients

Workshop Includes:

  • Over 25 positional release procedures
  • Module 1: Neck and TMJ
  • Module 2: Shoulder and Arm
  • Module 3: Low Back and Hip
  • Illustrated workshop manual includes photos and instructions for all of the techniques being demonstrated.

Positional Release Therapy Workshop includes two days of training and qualifies for 12 hours of Continuing Education credits. William G. Mitchell, LMT, is an approved provider for continuing education by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under Category A. This workshop also satisfies the requirements for AMTA and ABMP.