You have the LMT skills – now it’s time to invest in the business development skills you need to build a successful practice.

A solid business strategy, based on real-world circumstances, is a key driver of a successful business. The single, most important business tool you need is a strategic plan, a plan that when successfully executed, fulfills your vision of your practice. Even if you have been working from a plan you developed when you started your practice, it is important to refresh and renew your plan from time to time.

Good strategy creates business value.

A strategic plan is a guide to successful execution of the company mission in an ever-changing marketplace. An effective strategy is practical, relates to execution, is flexible, spontaneous and allows you to change as circumstances require. The end result? A well-crafted strategic plan helps you maximize your position in the market, resulting in more and better relationships with your customers.

Commitment to our profession.

Before I decided to pursue a career path as an LMT, I worked in the business world for many years. The business development skills I learned there have served me well in my career as an LMT and I have worked to help other LMTs and our professional organizations. For the last seven years, I have served as a member of the AMTA national strategic planning committee.
I have experience working with individuals, clinics and groups as a coach and facilitator to provide training, networking advice and workshops.

I have also facilitated strategic plans for:
AMTA Ohio chapter
AMTA Ohio sports massage team
AMTA Indiana chapter

Learn more about my LMT credentials and accomplishments here.

It’s easy to get started.

Contact me to set up an initial, free consultation. We will determine your business needs and desires. After our meeting, I will develop a proposal outlining a customized course of action to help you achieve your goals. Upon your approval of the proposal, we will begin to work together to create your strategic plan – realistic and actionable – based on your position in the marketplace, the needs of your potential customers, the competencies you offer and the resources you have available.